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I hope that you enjoyed Part 1 of “Interview with Myself” and that you gained an insight into my childhood and teenage years. Part 2 focuses more on my college life and early work life. This chapter also consists of 25 questions and answers. Enjoy.

1. Did you attend college? If so, which one? If not, why?
• Yes, I did attend college. I went to the Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) in Johannesburg, South Africa.
2. How were you able to attend college? Did you put yourself through school, or were you supported by your parents?
• I applied for and was awarded a scholarship by Tibiyo TakaNgwane, a business entity in Swaziland formed by His Majesty Sobhuza II to complement the Swaziland Government’s national development efforts. My parents then supported me with pocket money every month.
3. Did you live in a dorm?
• I didn’t live in a dorm, but I did live in a self-catering apartment in the college’s residential complex, Umbhali Place. “Umbhali” means “writer”, so all of the res blocks were named after prominent South African writers. My block was called Mda House and I was in unit #8. Each apartment unit could house 3 students, each with his/ her own room, sharing a kitchen and bathroom. I met lots of wonderful people, made friends and great memories.
4. Who was your most memorable housemate?
• My most memorable housemate would have to be my bestie, Lindelani Mbambale. We met at MGI when we became housemates and a great friendship bloomed from there. I was fortunate enough to get on well with all of my housemates. Other memorable housemates would have to be, undoubtedly, Dawn and Kate. Loved them to bits.
5. Are you in touch with any?
• I am still in touch with Lindelani and Dawn. We also still see each other whenever possible. I unfortunately lost touch with Kate but last I checked she was doing well.
6. Why did you decide to attend college?
• I had an idea of what I wanted to do and I couldn’t bear the idea of taking a gap year and just rotting away at home, wasting time.
7. What subject(s) did you study and why?
• I took all he classes for my Graphic Design course, which were all compulsory. Unfortunately, we were never offered any optional courses. I did however get to take Psychology and Business Management classes, which were helpful and the former was something that I was also highly interested in. The design subjects included Storyboards; Graphic Design Studio; Digital Design; Broadcast Design; 3D Animation; Drawing; History of Graphic Design and more. In my 3rd year, I chose to specialise in Multimedia, with the intention of becoming a 3D maestro at Pixar or an animation queen.
8. Did you get a degree? In what?
• Yes, I did. A Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
9. Was your family supportive of your decision to attend college? How so?
• Yes, they were. My dad actually wanted me to study abroad, in London to be precise. He kept bringing me prospectuses from London art & design colleges. Studying design in London would’ve been a dream for me but I knew we couldn’t afford that. Hence me seeking scholarship assistance. In the end, it was a financial burden off my parents’ shoulders. My mom was also thrilled, trying to make sure that I had everything in order – that my clothes were decent, that I had everything I needed and that I had my Bible.
10. How did your college experience prepare you for your later years?
• My college experience somewhat helped me prepare for my later years and it also didn’t help me very much. Things like time management and handing in quality work were important lessons that I took away from my course. Some things I wasn’t ready for and didn’t have a clue about, things like pricing a product for a client and other design matters.
11. If you could do it again, would you take a different academic path, or are you satisfied with the route you followed?
• I would most probably take the same path but just do things a little differently – learning from mistakes. I’d work harder and also try to slot in a bit of a social life.
12. What on-campus activities did you participate in?
• I didn’t really participate in as many activities as I did in high school. We had so much work most of the time that I usually used my spare time to breathe and catch up on some (very little) sleep. But I did make time to play tennis with another good varsity friend of mine, Phatsi. I also partook in the MGI Choir and attended the Focus Group on some Tuesdays, a youth, student ministry formed by Christ Church Midrand. My first time there (Focus) was to get free supper, because that’s just what (almost) everyone associated it with. Please rest assured tho that after that first day, it wasn’t just about the food *smiles*
13. What was your first job?
• My first job was at Eskom as a Content Developer and Graphic Designer. I started as a Graduate In Training, right after I finished writing my 3rd year History of Graphic Design exam in November 2008.
14. What was your best job?
• My current job is my best job ever. I’m an Elearning Developer at a training organisation based in Johannesburg.
15. What was your worst job?
• I wouldn’t say I’ve had a worst job. But I’ve had some unpleasant moments in previous positions.
16. What is the longest amount of time you have ever stayed with one company? What was your position there?
• The longest time was 3 years with Eskom, my first place of work.
17. Do small problems at work upset you?
• Only big problems upset me at work.
18. Can you describe your relationship with your manager?
• I believe that I have a great relationship with my manager. Anyone can have a great relationship with their manager if they meet their requirements, and perform at a level beyond what is expected of them. And the fact that I can speak to her about practically anything helps.
19. In addition to being paid money, how else has your career created value in your life?
• I’ve met a lot of great people who have supported me and helped me get to where I am now and my career has also helped me find what it is that I need to do in life. I now have an idea as to where I, as a puzzle piece of the whole humanity puzzle, fit in.
20. Do you have any regrets regarding your career path?
• No, I do not. All of my career experiences – good and bad – have brought me where I am today. And I’m in a happy place right now.
21. What is your most significant accomplishment as a professional?
• My current job and making a mark in the Elearning industry.
22. Were you ever fired for unjust reasons?
• Never.
23. What do you consider to be the best possible work environment?
• A place that offers a safe environment for open communication; a training and development-focused organisation; recognition for hard work; a strong work-life balance; & healthy air circulation (very important).
24. Who was the biggest influence in your career?
• Marlon Maistry, my first boss ever, when I was working at Eskom.
25. What would be your ideal job?
• I love what I do, fusing design, technology and learning methods. But my ideal job would have to be doing philanthropic work full-time and doing my full-time job part-time. I currently do this vice versa and I feel that it’s not enough.