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Social Media, one of the worst and best things to have come into our lives – in our personal lives and for businesses big and small. This has become a key tool in brand marketing, launching of products and for brand awareness.

I’m a big fan of Twitter. Who would’ve thought? 5 years ago, I didn’t care about it and I only had great words for Facebook. Now, the tables have turned. Both mediums are no strangers to brand marketing and the likes. Everyday, there is a product, event or company being advertised. Some tempt you to click on them. Some don’t move you and have you scrolling on, carrying on with your life as it was. Then there’s just those ads that stare at you for days on end, the ads that just stay there for a day, weeks and sometimes even for months. The latest “in-my face” ad campaign to bless my sacred social pages is that of the “Dove Wants You”/ Dove 7 Day Challenge.

This has been on Twitter, Facebook and TV even. I really didn’t really care much about it. Everyday, I’d TRY not to pay attention to it. But the way that it keeps inviting itself into my life, I could swear the powers that be from Dove know that I’ve been ignoring them. I even thought that, maybe that’s why it’s all up in my face and refusing to leave. The ad just knows I haven’t looked at it like I am supposed to. Uncle Sam(antha) wants me to take notice of Dove.

So last week, I gave in and actually looked at it, read, took it all in. Hmmmm… So, Dove is looking for everyday SA women to partake in their next ad campaign by using the Dove Beauty Bar & moisturising cream for 7 days, taking a photograph of themselves after the 7 days and submitting it. That easy. I can’t say that I’d ever make it to TV, even just to be myself. But I like a challenge, so I thought I’d also give it a shot.

I have never ever used Dove in my entire life. In fact, I’ve been a loyal user of another product and it’s been good to me. Even though I have my “unique” facial identifiers, my face is still in pretty good condition I believe. I don’t use make-up, except for the occasional mascara, eye-liner and lip gloss. And if I’m feeling just a little adventurous, a bit of eye shadow – once or twice a year.

So, this is me taking you on Dove. Let’s see if you can make an impact on my face. I’ll report back after 7 days with comments and feedback from myself and my other half, as well as photographs from my 7 day challenge.

Before the Dove 7 Day Challenge

Before the Dove 7 Day Challenge