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I feel the difference! I feel good!

The Dove beauty bar leaves a girl feeling really f-resh.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I took the Dove challenge. What exactly did I do?

  • I bought myself 2 Dove beauty bars
  • I used Dove in the morning and evening everyday
  • I used it to wash my face (and my body after Day 2 *smiles*)
  • My brother took a picture of me after 7 days

Day 7 of my Dove challenge came at the right time, as I was attending a friend’s wedding. So that felt like the perfect time for me to go show off my face *smiles*

I have to be honest – I couldn’t spot much of a difference on my face, but there was a 7 day difference:

  • My face had a smoothness that wasn’t there during my pre-Dove life.
  • The area between my eyebrows was always so dry, even when I tried a certain exfoliation face wash. The Dove beauty bar seems to have been all that I needed.
  • My cheeks and jaw line on the other hand had a tendency of becoming very oily. Dove managed to provide oil control
  • My Sunshine even noticed a difference
    • He stared at me out in the courtyard while at the wedding, with a smile on his face and said, “Baby, you’re beautiful.”* Of course he says that almost every day. But it still counts, right?
    • He stroked my face and commented, “Wow, I’m jealous. Your face is so nice and smooth. How did you do that?”*

That was enough to put a smile on my face so I didn’t just leave the challenge on Day 7; I continued using it for 30 days and I’ve added the Dove bar to my toiletries shopping list.

Like I said: I feel the difference! I feel good!

Try it for yourself.

Cameras are not my best friends, but I did try to take pictures after the challenge.

Dove Photoshoot Post 7 Day Challenge

Dove Photoshoot the Post 7 Day Challenge

*Words taken from my Sunshine