We all have pet peeves. You know, those little things that are not always so little. The things which people do that get us so annoyed to the point of almost pulling out our hair, screaming or committing murder. Some days and sometimes, it takes a strong person to walk away from a situation that is pet peeve loaded. I have a couple of these pet peeve issues, some of which I share with friends, family and other people of this world. Here’s my list of ten:

  1. Accept the Answer – Don’t you just hate it when somebody asks you a question, and when you give them your answer, they don’t like it and try to convince you otherwise. These questions usually start with, “Do you think…” and in the end, your thoughts and opinion almost don’t matter any longer.
  1. Personal Space Invader – This is one of the worst. Have you ever stood in a queue, and felt someone’s body part/s touching you? I hate standing in a queue because there is always that person who doesn’t realise just how wrong it is to not give another person some personal space. That person who will have almost a kilometre of space available behind them, but still insist on standing right on top of you. And it’s worse when it’s an extremely hot day and there’s lots of sweat lurking around. Eww! I lose it. My first move is to change my stance. I stand sideways with my legs slightly apart, marking with one of my feet, just how far you should be from me, and then I tell you exactly what to do with my stare. If you refuse to cooperate I just lose it and scream at you to please stay away from me. That always does the trick.
  1. Storytelling Chatterbox – Those people who just don’t stop talking, especially those who make up stories most of the conversation. I hate liars and I hate people who make up stories just for the sake of filling the beautiful silence that I could be enjoying. You can almost always tell all of the lies that come out of that chatterbox’s mouth. It’s shameful and a waste of time.
  1. To Borrow or to have – People have a tendency of borrowing something that belongs to you…forever (see my upcoming blog post). It’s as if they don’t know the proper meaning of the term “borrow”. You get that person who comes to you and uses the words, “Please may I BORROW…”. They use the word borrow but never return the borrowed item. What’s worse is when they inconvenience you by borrowing the borrowed item, then once they’re situation of being in need passes, they relax, continue with their lives and forget that they owe you something. Inconsiderate people. I see this as one of the highest forms of disrespect. It’s disgusting. Don’t do that to me.
  1. RSVP courtesy – I love organising events, even if it’s just a small birthday celebration for 10 people. One of the irritations is not getting an RSVP from invited guests. I recently got married, and that was one of the few challenges that we had to deal with and it was very annoying. A simple “Yes, I’ll be there” or “No, I will not be able to make it” is all that you ask for, but you get this large number of people who just don’t see the point in doing that. You are either attending or you are not, and you definitely know which box to tick. Not RSVPing is a major inconvenience people. One needs to make payments, organise the catering, invite other people if need be, sort out the venue, the works. Please RSVP for any event that requires you to RSVP. It may not be important to you but it’s important to the organiser.
  1. The Mirror Effect – “Do unto me as you’d have me do unto you.” I believe that’s how the saying goes. This goes out to all the hypocrites. I hate it when someone expects me to do something or act in a certain way, when they do the total opposite. If you want me to be nice to you, then please be nice to me. If you want respect, then you will demonstrate respect. This works in friendships and all kinds of relationships. You get what you give. So if you can’t give it, don’t expect it.
  1. Hyperactive Brats – I know just how hard it is to be a parent, especially to hyperactive toddlers, in public. But there are just some tiny little things that get to me when it comes to parents who are out in public with their little brats. I don’t like or appreciate being in a bus or any form of public transportation with your kid next to me (almost on top of me), eating the stickiest, soggiest or greasiest food which could easily make me dirty. That situation is easily avoidable if the parent is paying attention and doesn’t allow their eating child anywhere near you. Just like it can get annoying sitting in a restaurant and having a little brat running and playing around your table, which is nowhere near the play area or the parents’ table. Please watch your kids. There are some people who lose it a whole lot more than I do.
  1. The Non-Apologetic One – People who don’t apologise because they are too proud to apologise. Now that’s just wrong. Drop that pride and ego. Clearly it’s not good for you if that’s what you will use it for. Stand up, apologise and be proud to do that. It’s that simple. I just can’t add more to that.
  1. Why So Rude – I hate people who are rude, young or grown up, especially if it’s undeserving. There are some people who are just born to be rude. You greet them, they are rude to you. They want something from you; they demand it and are rude about. You get that grown up who wants a seat in a bus and forcefully removes a child from the seat and shouts at them, stating how rude they are for not standing up immediately when the grown up appeared…meanwhile, there’s another empty seat in the next row. I can’t even sit on the sidelines watching this behaviour. Young or old, please don’t be rude to another human being, especially if you have just met them and they haven’t done anything terrible to you.
  1. The Male Chauvinist – “A woman’s place is in the kitchen.” “A woman can never be the bread winner in the household.” “Sweetie. Darling. Sexy.” All of this name calling and he doesn’t even know you. Any man who speaks down on a woman or is still stuck in that age old traditional mindset about what makes a woman, is not and cannot be my friend. I can’t stand a man who thinks so less of you because you’re a woman. It makes me cringe when a man talks down on me or another woman unnecessarily. Well, I’ve got a few words for you Mr Chauvinist. “Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do ANYTHING better than you.” Do bear in mind that chauvinists do not only come in male form. But, that’s a story for another day.