Hlengz HMS
South Africa

Bio: I am a pro-active, innovative and hands-on individual, always ready to live, love, laugh and learn. I'm also a retired E-learning Developer and aspiring Marketing and Social Media Major League. I love everything about branding, good food, fast and sexy cars, travel and animals, and I'm in to fitness, yoga and health. I dabble in a variety of design and creative fields during my spare time, coupled with various philanthropic projects and social media management work. As an advocate for women and children, I plan on getting more involved in motivational speaking mainly for the youth and young women. One of my main objectives in life is to be the best I can at what I love the most and to share my life’s lessons with those who can benefit from me. Keep an ear to the ground for my 8 part series of motivational talks targeted at youths between the ages 15 and 22, entitled, "Grabbing Life By The Balls".

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  1. Hi! Thank you for following my blog ^^

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